Pitts Performance Aerobatic Aircraft

Pitts Overview


Enable yourself to easily perform highly skilled manoeuvres with ease. Become a better, safer, more confident pilot. Become a proud owner of a high performance powerhouse from a distinguished lineage of aircraft that have been precision handcrafted since 1946.


Until you’ve flown the new Pitts S-2C, there’s no way to fully comprehend the way we have harnessed the power, expanded the performance envelope, locked in a new level of precision and taken the lead in aerobatic flying technology.



Pitts S-2C


EngineLycoming AEIO-540, 260 HP
PropellerThe Claw by Hartzell® 76: Composite Constant Speed
Length17 feet 9 inches
Height6 feet 5 inches
Wing Span20 feet
Wing Area127.5 square feet
Wing Loading13.3 lb/sqft (normal)/12.7 lb/sqft (aerobatic)
Power Loading6.59 lb/hp (normal)/6.25 lb/hp (aerobatic)
Seats2 tandem
Cabin Length6 feet 11 inches
Cabin Width28 inches
Cabin Height47 inches
Empty Weight1,155 pounds
Maximum Gross Weight1700 pounds
Useful Load545 lb (normal)/470 lb (aerobatic)
Payload w/Full Fuel371 pounds
Fuel Capacity w/5 Gallon Wing Tank29 U.S. gallons (28 gallons usable)



Pitts S-2C


Aerobatic Flight Load Limits+6 G/-5 G
Takeoff Distance Ground Roll554 feet
Takeoff Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle860 feet
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component17 kt
Rate of Climb, Sea Level, Minimum Weight2,900 fpm
Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level169 kt
Cruise Speed w/30 min rsv. at 75% Power150 KTAS/1.6 hours
Range w/30 min rsv. at 75% Power284 st. miles
Fuel Consumption at 75% Power84 pph/14 gph
Best Economy6,000 feet
Landing Distance over 50 ft Obstacle1,200 feet
Landing Distance, Ground Roll750 Feet
VY (Best Rate of Climb)KIAS 82
VA (Design Maneuvering)KIAS 134
VNO (Max Structural Cruising)KIAS 134
VNE (Never Exceed)KIAS 185
VSI (Stall, Clean)KIAS 56

This new breed of Pitts Specials, Aviat’s only production model, more than meets the demands of today’s aerobatics. We have brought trumpets into the aerobatic box, heralding a new athleticism, a sinuous grace, a vibrant form of aerobatic energy. For contests, airshows, training, or pure excitement the Pitts S-2C sizzles and dazzles.


Vertical lines are where the S-2C beats them all. You have never seen the kind of hang time that’s possible in an S-2C. After improving the wing tip shape, flattening the belly, improving the engine cowling and redesigning the windshield, this model cruises 15 mph faster than the earlier model. Precision point rolls are possible at any speed thanks to the new wings and world class stick centering. The new aerodynamic vertical and horizontal tails make manoeuvring in any direction a snap.


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